T. Ali (@T_ALISMG) a local Baltimore artist and producer, who is originally from The Bronx, NYC released his project #UNDFND on Friday, May 20th.

So… I really enjoyed this.

The way the project was organized and constructed was awesome. It definitely sounds fresh and unique… Like nothing I’ve ever heard before.

This project shows T. Ali’s vulnerability and his ability to be transparent.

I enjoy when artist let us into their world and allow us to explore their mind and emotions. And with this project, he definitely did that.

So with #UNDFND, T. Ali takes us on a journey through his past and present. His voice is very soothing and each track definitely exhorts good vibes and good energy.

Whether he’s referring to love, passion, dreams, or whatever… the project is very whole, in my opinion… he tells a story, and there’s nothing missing.

So many favorites!! I enjoyed “Thenshecamealong (feat. Doowy Lloh)” the most… Man I reallyyyyy looooveeee that track! Repeat repeat repeat! LOL! Such a sucka for love songs!

But nah, literally all of the songs, had me vibin’.

I appreciated “Me” as well… “Undefined” was great, and of course “Alright (feat. Ariel Wallace)”… oh and “thegreatdepression/ Theletter” LOVE!

WAITTT!! “Kingdom (feat. Quayx x Sabraya)” I loved that one too… One time for the dreamers!!!

“Brothers wake up, see the sunshine, and decide to be happy.” – “Alright (feat. Ariel Wallace)
“I’m faster than the dreams I’m chasing” -“Kingdom (feat. Quayx x Sabraya)

Just go listen for yourself! It’s available on all streaming sites, so y’all know I had it blasting through TIDAL… ha!

Dope project T. Ali… very, very dope!
Good Vibes for Sure!!

– Ryen, xo

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