So y’all know I only blog about smooth vibes, and music that makes you feel GOOD. If you haven’t already, get in to Mr. Gallant. I was listening to the radio one night and “Weight in Gold” came on… I never heard of Gallant before, but after listening, I rushed home and googled who was behind this greatness. I love smooth music and good vibes and this was JUST THAT. I asked for new music suggestions via twitter last week and someone mentioned that I listen to Gallant’s new album, Ology, that was released earlier this month.

On my way home from Delaware yesterday, I tuned it and chileeee, I got my life… from “First to Last” literally, I-got-my-life.

Gallant is a DMV native and ooooh I love his voice so much… My favorites from this project are “Miyazaki” and “Open Up.”

Please please pleaseeeee check him out… He’s dope and I promise he’s worth it.

Good vibes for sure :)

Listen here:

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