NEW ALBUM: BLACK CLOUD – @johnlacarbiere

John Lacarbiere released a spoken word album, Black Cloud today… it’s available on Tidal,Spotify, and AppleMusic.

As I listened to Black Cloud, I immediately imagined myself at the Nuyorican Poets Café for Open Mic Night in NYC or right in the middle of a scene from Love Jones. His mixture of love and passion, with the tracks that include memories of pain from his past, is what makes this spoken word album uniquely different. I can assure you that this album is nothing you’ve heard before. From start to finish, intro to outro, John paints a picture, he’s telling a story, and you outta’ listen. I’m a sucka’ for love, and a sucka’ for vibes… so I played “Pancakes” and “Big Bang Theory” three times back-to-back. Ha. Loveeeeee. Oh and his track titled, “We Are One” music that matters, man! #music #that #matters

Black Cloud was great. Go listen. Thank you, John Lacarbiere III.
*adds Black Cloud to my “good vibes” playlist*

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