So if you aren’t currently a TIDAL subscriber, I suggest you gon’ ahead and make that purchase. Beyonce has done it again, and its only available on TIDAL.

A suspenseful world premiere event that we”ve all been waiting for, for about two weeks or so, has happened. Bey gave us little to no information as to what this premiere was going to be about, but we all wondered ONE thing, WHERE IS THIS ALBUM?

However, she had us all in front of our televisions at 9pm on a Saturday night and what do we get… not only a visual album, but the full album released via TIDAL as well.

This isn’t just any album either… from songs 1-5 she had us all in Jay Z’s mentions like… funny-gifs-infinite-drink-1

I meaannnn, we had questions… like, y’all good? Everything okay over there?

But oh how she gracefully showed us that though someone may hurt you, you must forgive.

Thats just BEYONCE… she has the power to create and make you feel, period. Genius.

Along with using almost every genre of music, yes Yonce has a country song too, the visual album included soooo many messages. #BlackLivesMatter, The moms of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown both holding an image of their son, also the message to black women about how BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL and STRONG we are. She emphasized the power of BLACK CULTURE. She shed light on the importance of LIVING… Do you know that you can be anything that you want to be? Man, its lit.

Beyonce. YES.

According to TIDAL, LEMONADE is “a conceptual project based on every woman’s journey of self-knowledge and healing.” Featured artists include Jack White (“DON’T HURT YOURSELF”), The Weeknd (“6 INCH”), James Blake (“FORWARD”), and Kendrick Lamar (“FREEDOM”).

The visual album included Warsan Shire poems as the intro before each segment (stage of grief) and I mean the vibes and everything were just great. YONCE the POET!


Anything that includes some home video footage just warms my heart… and there were tons of that. It’s hard to tell what my favorite song is right now, but I’m currently listening again. I’m loving “Hold Up,” “Sorry”, “6 inch” and “All Night” though.

Good vibes for sure.


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