GREAT things are happening!! Ah, where do I start?

I was torn between “not wanting to mention everything I dabble in” to “just wanting to share how GOOD my GOD is!”

So, story time!

Okay so for the Masters program that I’m in, we have to do an internship as a course credit, and if we didn’t get an internship, we would have to take an online course…, which is just TOO much, I definitely didn’t want to do that.

So if you asked me what my “dream” internship was, I’d scream out “Sirius XM.” A lot of people know that I have experience being an on-air radio personality when I hosted my own radio show “Good Vibes” at St. John’s University. Entertainment radio is my dream job for the most part. So yea, I really wanted an internship at Sirius XM.

In March, a lady calls me in regards to the internship, telling me I met all of the requirements and asked me if I wanted to be a music or news intern. Just gassing me up OD. I just KNEW that internship was mine.

So the internship deadline for the program was May 20th. So from March to May I’m literally hanging on to the hope that I HAD that Sirius XM internship. I KNEW it was MINE. Every time I sent a follow-up email to the internship coordinator, she assured me that I was fine.

So a week before the internship deadline, I got an email that I didn’t get the internship. The email said, “Regrettably, we are unable to place you in a position that will maximize your abilities at this time.”

So after I cried for about 5 minutes. Not that baby tear crying, I mean CRRIIIEEEED. I just kept rereading the email, and then something hit me! LISTEN TO WHAT THE EMAIL SAID. They are UNABLE to place me in a position that will MAXIMIZE my abilities. That was actually God telling me “I have something better” AND “I got you, relax.” Sometimes the plans we create for ourselves is the longgggg route… the scenic route. God was like, nah, boo, let’s take this shortcut. So instead of taking a train to my dreams, God is putting me on a flight… first class! Before I received the email, I listened to a motivating speech saying to thoroughly ANALYZE your rejection letters, and I’m so glad I did, because literally things just started MOVING.

So that night… THAT NIGHT… one of my father’s best friends has a radio show at WEAA 88.9 FM which is located on Morgan State University’s campus. This radio station is a NPR affiliate station, which is awesome, awesome, awesome! Boom, my dad called him, and BOOM, just like that I had my internship credit taken care of. WHAAAAT. WON’T HE DO IT! Not only is it a radio internship, it’s also a PR internship as well; WHICH IS ALSO WHAT I’M INTERESTED IN AS A CAREER. Not only that, but the internship is in BALTIMORE, NOT DC. God was like “Let me help your gas tank, boo.” Oh, and because I don’t have to be “in an office” 5 days of the week, I have lots of room for… activities and more opportunity, HA! *rubs hands like Birdman” Let me explain…

So literally TWO DAYS later! TWO days after receiving the most devastating rejection letter of my life. I get an email from Sujeiry, who is a Latina love, relationship and sex RADIO host… for Sirius XM… and her show, “Love Sujeiry”, is located in… New York City. COME ON JESUS. Yaaalllll knowwwww, I’m trying to vroom vroom vroom right back to NYC as soon as I’m finished with this program.

Oh wait, pause. Okay so I know you guys have seen my graduation pictures saying that I received my Masters degree already. LOL. Well, yea, sort of. They let the graduates walk the stage on May 7th but the program isn’t officially over until August. LOL. Ok.

So yea, she emails me responding to my resume that I sent her earlier this year when I was applying for internships. She posted that she needed a writing intern for her website. So in the email, she asked if I could send over some writing samples, and I’m like hell yea! LOL, then she asks me to do a writing test. Okay, cool.

This was soooooo out of my comfort zone. I told y’all she’s a relationship and sex radio personality, so her website has dating, love and sex articles. So the writing test was about the survey that couples over 50 have the best sex? LOL like whet!!!? But anyway. I got my Carrie Bradshaw on and wrote “Grandma is doin’ it and doin’ it and doin’ it well” LOL, I’ll share the article once she publishes it to her website.

So she loved my article, BUT here’s the best part. She’s like actually I need a social media and events intern more than I need more writing interns. So she’s going to still publish my article, but she wants me to do her social media Monday- Friday anddddd come to NYC about once a week, to attend events and to do social media live on her radio show as well. *falls out* YES YES YES! Thank you Lord! So not only do I now have an internship with a radio personality at Sirius XM, I also have a connect that will allow me to travel to NYC all throughout the Summer.

But wait, there’s more. #GODisMyDawg

So, the following week, Dominique Da Diva, who is the RADIO personality for 103jamz in Norfolk, VA, posted that she needed digital content contributors for her app, DA DAILY DIRT, that’s actually available for download today.

So for those that DON’T know, this is my role model… ROLE MODEL, Y’ALL. I traveled to VA to attend her #MediaQueensInCharge Empowerment Brunch in Oct ’15, where I had the opportunity to meet her…But long story short, I love her and I want to be just like her!!! Her empowerment brunch actually inspired the start of my “Fit Vibes” blog. Likeeee, OMG. So fast forward Dominique ends up face timing me saying she loved my fitness blog and everything I’ve done and asked me to be her fitness content contributor for her app! So I’ll be gettin’ my fitness writing on through her platform as well. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

I brag on myself alllll day longgggg ONLY because GOD HAS BEEN SO GOOD AND I WANT TO LET THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW!!!!

KEEP GOING!!! That rejection letter is not rejection. It’s a reflection. God is testing your faith.
Believe me when I tell you THAT everything happens for a reason!
Every rejection is for a reason!

Do you think if I got that Sirius XM internship in DC, that I would have to go to almost everyday, that I would actually have time to do any of this other awesomeness?

Don’t question God.
Don’t doubt God.
Don’t worry.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

xoxo, Ryen


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