Every time I have a second of free time, all I really want to do is sit back and catch up on my favorite television series… (The People v. OJ Simpson… HTGAWM… Love and Hip Hop… Scandal… you know, the usual ratchet dramas LOL)

But nah, my mind really doesn’t allow me to do that. Let me explain…

So last night I went to bed thinking that I had to work a 10hr shift (from noon to close) blahhh, BUT then I wake up this morning to a message from my boss saying that I don’t have to come in until 4 in the afternoon.

Well, won’t HE do it!!!!!!!!

I literally cuddled back under my thick cozy comforter and thought for two seconds that I’d sleep until 3pm. LOL it’s been one of those weeks.

But, instead, I got up at 8am, went to get an oil change, and then I figured I’d rest until it was time for me to workout and then get ready for work.

But again, my mind doesn’t work like that.

Any free time for me is time to create and time to spend thinking about my goals and my future. As I evaluated my brand and my website, I’ve realized there isn’t really a place for me to connect to my audience and to show more of my personality and more of my life and to share and celebrate, my journey.

So, I figured, why not add a section that’s not about fitness, or music? A section where my audience can learn more about ME and more about MY JOURNEY as I’m on my way to becoming a MOGUL.

Welcome to #MOGULintheMAKING♥

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