Military Diet Review

Military Diet Review

Alright guys, so I finally completed the Military Diet and I’ll make this review short.

It’s definitely not impossible to complete, but definitely a little hard at times. I was STARVING throughout the whole 3-days, however I think that really forced me to get my “water intake” in, which is a good thing I guess. Whenever I felt hungry, I would just gulp down a liter of water, which helped.

Day one starts out as the easiest, and then the food begins to get less and less throughout the next two days. PISSED! MKAY.

I completed the diet with two other people and noticed they substituted a lot of the food (they weren’t fans of eggs or cottage cheese) for something that was around the same calorie intake and they ended up not losing as much as I did.

I think the way the diet is constructed, you will see extreme weight loss if you follow that exact meal plan. I was a little on the fence about have ice-cream every night, (and one of the people who I completed the diet with didn’t eat the ice cream at all) but that ultimately resulted in my losing of 6lbs, and her losing of only 2lbs, so I guess the ice cream worked.

To lose 6lbs in 3-days is cool with me! I did notice I felt lighter by the end of day 3 and my bloating from the weekend had totally went away. I completely went off the hill with my diet over the past weekend and I actually needed this diet or else my weight loss and recovery would have been longer.

I would recommend this diet if you are trying to recover from a vacation, or cheat weekend. It’s nice to see your scale go back down to your happy weight quickly, and that’s exactly what this diet did!

So I approve! I’d do it again.

Hit me up with any questions! Here’s the full video review of the diet!


xoxo, Ryen

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