Men + Women | Mental Health Matters

Sistas, how y’all feel?
Brothers, y’all alright?

But particularly… Brothers.
It seems like we’re always worrying about how us women feel, or maybe women are just more comfortable expressing their emotions.

Either way, men, y’all good?
Has anyone asked “How are you” today?

“Oh I’m fine…”

Nah, nah, I mean BROTHERS… HOW ARE YOU? When’s the last time you cried? When’s the last time you’ve expressed if you were hurt, or how something made you feel?

I repeat, IT IS NOT A CHOICE!!

Men are taught to be strong, to be a tough, and to work hard. Men are taught to be “superman” in a sense.

WE ALL MUST UNDERSTAND THAT men FEEL too, and it’s time we all start acknowledging that.

Just like exercise is important for physical health, emotional healing is important for mental health. Emotional healing is for everyone.

I encourage you to take a second and think about something that is troubling you and something that made you happy today.

Start with what is troubling you and ask yourself, why? Ask yourself, what needs to be done for that to stop troubling you. Sometimes all it takes is a self-talk. If you’re a visual person, write it down! Write out everything you’re feeling. Instead of avoiding your problems, speak them out loud, and after talking/writing them out, you’ll see that the problem isn’t as powerful.

Now, think about what made you happy today, and add five more things that you’re thankful for.

Become obsessively thankful. Be still, breathe and be present. Enjoy this moment, for there are so many things to smile about.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Meditate on what you’re thankful for.

Go outside, get some sun, do some stretching, go running, and be active!

Explore these five steps when you’re not feeling that your mental health is at its best. Believe me, it helps.

1. Talk
2. Write
3. Breathe
4. Meditation
5. Yoga

Your mental health matters…
“Don’t forget the happy thoughts.”

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