Marc Jacobs Beauty VoxBox – What’s Inside?

Ooo La La~
Thank you @Influenster and @MarcBeauty for these complimentary products. I’m so excited to actually get inside this beautiful black box!

So, what’s inside?

@influenster and @marcbeaty provided two #Highliners. One (brown)ie -43, and one (earth)quake -41 colored.

I love pencil eyeliners, but these especially are nice and thick, and the pencil is skinny enough where you get a great grip.


Have YOU ever tried a matte eyeliner? I surely haven’t haha. S/O @Influenster / @MarcJacobs for introducing me to new thangsssss! 

This matte gel crayon makes application simple and neat and definitely bold; providing long lasting wear. Pictures on my snap! 

My makeup collection just got better :)

Thank you @MarcBeauty and @Influenster ❤

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