L’Oréal Color Vibrancy VoxBox: What’s inside?

Ohhhh so I got home to this juicy colored black and red box! I’m like yesssssss it’s here!! 

I love hair products, so thank you @Influenster and @LOrealHair for giving these products to me complimentary. 

Let’s start with what’s inside: included in the VoxBox is L’Oreal Color Vibrancy Shampoo, Conditioner and a Hair Mask. 

So let’s rewind. 

In 2011 I stopped getting perms. At the time I was so use to getting weaves that my hair stylist suggested that getting  perms may be a waste of money and in turn actually damaging my hair (since it’s always in a protective style). So at the time, knowing much to nothing about hair and especially about natural hair, I listened, but continued to wear my hair in a protective style (weaves) because that’s all I knew how to tame. 

My hair grew so much and looked so healthy after about 3 years that I actually was comfortable wearing my hair in its natural state. 

THEN I made a spontaneous decision to color my hair purple. This longgggg, beautiful thick black hair quickly turned into a hot  ass mess. I had to go through bleaching my hair twice in order for the color to look the way I wanted it. 

And after all of this, I’m still dealing with the damage. My natural curl pattern has returned but my hair just doesn’t have that healthy rich look that it once did. 

So fast forward to this wonderful gift from L’Oréal ❤️

So call me the “Hair Mask” queen because I love a good hair mask. I used it this morning in addition to the conditioner to refresh my curls and first of all, it smells lovely! I also loved the way the products felt. Not too thick or wet, literally the perfect creamy consistency. 

Because it’s so cold outside I had to braid up my hair so I wouldn’t get sick outside. BUT I’ll be posting pictures on my Instagram soon @ryenwatkins. 

I know FOR SURE that these Color Vibrancy products will give my hair the healthy, rich look and feel that it once had. I’ll be updating you guys along the way!

Thank you L’Oreal and Influenster❤️

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