How I Manifested My New Reality


I posted this on Instagram on August 17th…

I’ve been debating if I should share this part of my life for about 4 months now. Part of me just wants y’all to wait until I write my book LOL but then the other part of me knows that someone can benefit from my testimony.

I mentioned in my last post that I began my “Year of Yes” in June of 2016, so lets get into that first.

What is a “Year of Yes?”

At this time I was about one month away from completing my graduate program, whew, chileee I’m so glad that’s over. ONE MONTH AWAY sounds like “relief” but nope, I was terrified. When I was just one month away from completing my undergraduate program at St. John’s it was a little different. I didn’t have to be an “adult” just yet because I knew I was going to graduate school. People would ask me, “you’re about to graduate, what’s next” and I had an answer. THAT was a reason to celebrate. That was a reason to have relief upon graduating school. But this time, it was different. I didn’t have any answers this time. I was about one month away from graduating with a MASTERS degree and all I had was a blog, a couple of internships and a bartending job.

You may remember me bragging about my internships in a post earlier this summer, read here.

I could hear people talking about me now, “she got TWO degrees, and she’s still working behind a bar… what a waste of money” LOL… WHAT WAS NEXT FOR ME? WHAT WAS MY STORY?

One thing that I’ve learned this year is that GOD HAS A MASTER PLAN. PERIOD. HE HAS A PLAN. The key is to listen to him guiding your steps. Listen to your heart. I also learned that He will put you through a lot of little things so that you can practice for a bigger test. What I went through at the beginning of the year showed me that GOD GOT ME. So why would he fail me now?

So June. June 2016. ONE month away from my Master’s degree. What was I going to do?

I knew moving back to New York City was my plan eventually. In my head, I said I’d find a job in my field in the DC area, I’ll save some money, transfer to a NYC location in about 4-5 years and then move. I’d be about 27 years old, and it would be perfect, right?

Then I started to think about moving out of my mother’s house to an apartment in the Baltimore/DC area during this time. Then the anxiety started to kick in. I didn’t want to do that. But I felt like that was my only option. Either move out in the Baltimore/DC area or live at home. Both in my head sounded awful.

I wanted to live in NYC. And I wanted to live in NYC now.
And then it hit me… MOVE NOW.

But Ryen, how are you going to do that? You don’t have a job, and you don’t have a lot of money saved up. WYD sis?



I was immediately filled with so much optimism. I didn’t know how, but I knew that that feeling was God, and I knew that he wouldn’t put anything on my heart that he wouldn’t come through on… The question was… could I come through? Could I keep the faith?

I gave myself a deadline… Not really a deadline but a move-in date. Sept 1st. I knew I was moving on or before Sept. 1st.

I spoke my new goal to everyone. I’m moving to NYC on Sept. 1st.
Do you have a job? No.
Do you have a place? No.
So how— STOP. Don’t worry about it. I am.


June ended. No job interview. No job emailed me back. Nothing.
July ended. Still nothing.

I prayed. A LOT. I wanted to be optimistic and hopeful. I didn’t want my current reality to smack me in the face and discourage me to stop focusing on what I wanted.

I also read, A LOT. Lots of motivational books and listening to other peoples journey kept me sane.

I also attended a lot of motivational conferences revolving around women and media.


At the end of July I decided to quit my bartending job.

Because I absolutely adored everyone that I worked for and adored everyone who I worked with I just didn’t want to “quit.” I respected them too much for that. Plus I was too scared to even put in two weeks notice without hearing from any jobs in NYC. So I spoke with my manager and let him know that I was moving to NYC next month. Instead of giving them two weeks notice. I gave a months notice but without an actual “last day” date. In my head I figured it would let God know that I was so serious and so ready to move.

Now, it’s the middle of August. STILL NOTHING.

My mom wanted to throw me a “going away/graduation party” during Labor Day weekend. It sounded good at the beginning of the summer but as time trickled down, how was I going to have a “going away” party if I wasn’t 100% sure if I was even going anywhere?

Then my mom said something to me that I will NEVER forget.
“You have to praise him in advance. You know it’s coming. So let’s celebrate and thank him for it now.”

The same day when I went to work, I told my manager that Sunday would be my last day.

I knew it was coming. I believed it was coming. I COULD SEE IT. I COULD TASTE IT.

The next day after I gave my official last day notice, I contacted a NYC realtor. I told him my situation. I didn’t have a job, I had xxx amount of money saved up and I wanted to move to NYC. He assured me that he could help me move-in by Oct. 1st. He said, all I had to do was find a job and I’ll be set.

Another sign to keep going. I’ve learned to PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT GOD IS SHOWING YOU. For that to all happened within 3 days wasn’t a coincidence.

So, I had a new move-in date, Oct. 1st.
I also had a going away party during Labor Day Weekend. I was able to assure my family and friends that my move-in date was now Oct. 1st and I was just trying to find a job.shedidit

During the middle of September I had my first phone interview for a Digital Media Planner position at Bloomingdales in NYC.

Okay so note, this was my first career phone interview.
And also note, I sucked so bad.

She was asking questions that caught me off guard and I was sooo nervous all at the same time.

You know after an interview you either feel good, or its like “welp..” lol

So once I hung up, I just sat on my bed, feeling discouraged. “DANG, HOW DID I BLOW IT LIKE THAT?”

Immediately my sadness and disappointment changed to preparation and feeling like I was one step closer. I knew that was another test.


September quickly ended and I easily shifted my move-in date again. It was now Nov. 1st.

During the middle of October I had a rare opportunity to go on the Steve Harvey show, during his “Jump week” episodes and Ask Steve a question.

I listen to Steve Harvey’s motivational speeches all the time, especially the one about “Jumping” so to be given this opportunity to ask him a question about my own JUMP… WHAT? HELL YEA.

I had recently went on the show to just be in the audience the month before so buying another plane ticket and preparing to go to Chicago again wasn’t really feasible for me. I mean, I was trying to save to move to NYC.

This is where SUPPORT comes in.

I’m not talking about some fake friends screaming from the sideline “You can do it” or someone who’ll just like and share your posts on social media. No, get you some support. Friends who BELIEVE in you. Rely on FAMILY that KNOW that you can do it, and don’t just say it just because.

You need a tribe that you can count on.

I called my dad and asked if he could buy my plane ticket because I knew that this trip to Chicago would change my life.

I called my dawg Alexis and asked her to come to Chicago and ask Steve a question with me. She’s someone who is in the same boat that I’m in, we were both trying to move and both looking for jobs as well. We’d always send each other Steve’s motivational videos regarding jumping and following your dreams, so I knew that she would be interested.

The day came. Our question was prepared. And instead, Steve ran out of time during the Ask Steve segment and didn’t have time for us.

WHHHHHAAAAAAAAT? GIRL, yes. We were sooooo hurt. We were prepared to ask him about what we should do when we haven’t found a job yet but want to move to NYC. We wanted his help. WE NEEDED HIS HELP. We thought this experience was going to change our lives.


But then something happened towards the end of the show. Because this was a “JUMP” episode, the guests for the show all shared their “JUMP” testimony. The show ended and before Steve left the stage he said something that I will NEVER forget.

“Whatever it is that you are wanting to do, DO IT. Wherever it is that you are wanting to go, GO. YOU HAVE TO JUMP. You’re going to be uncomfortable, but you have to do it. Every successful person has jumped.

Steve looked at Alexis and I in the audience, probably because we were literally balling our eyes out. He pointed at us, and said JUMP. And at that very moment that trip to Chicago was so worth it.


Oct 31st I applied for an apartment without a job and with the help of my support (my tribe), I was approved. My move-in date became Nov. 18th. But this time, it was official. I was moving to NYC.

I still didn’t have a job. I still didn’t know how. But I did know that all I had to do was wait and see how it played out. I knew everything would work out.

Officially 17 days until move-in, and at this point, I was applying ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. I didn’t care what job I got.

The day Donald Trump was elected as the next President of the United States I got an email from a Brooklyn Radio station saying that they wanted me to host my radio show through their platform. WHAT??? YES PLEASE!!!!!!!


This was yet another sign that I was going in the right direction. I knew this move was my best decision yet. The job was coming.

Officially one week until move in.

The Friday before my move-in date I had 3 interviews in NYC. I made a quick day trip to the city and was really confident with all 3 interviews.

The moment I became open to all opportunities and just stopped and allowed God to do his thing is when things started moving for me.

Officially five days before move-in.

I get a call about an email that I sent to Revolt TV asking if they needed help. Y’all I was so desperate. I was looking for regular jobs and also looking to volunteer at companies that I hoped to work for. Yep, you heard right, VOLUNTEER… like for free.

So I received a call from a recruiter at Combs Enterprises (yep as in Diddy) saying she received my email about Revolt and there weren’t any positions available BUT there was an Administrative position (paid) available at Combs Enterprises. Combs Enterprises is where all of Diddy’s companies live; Revolt TV, Bad Boy Entertainment, CIROC, DELEON, Sean John, AQUAhydrate, etc. Allaaaat.


I told her I was moving to NYC on Friday, Nov 18th and she suggested that be our interview date.

1 day until move-in.

At this point. I’m ready. It’s coming. I know its coming. Everything that I was seeking was arriving.

It’s here. November 18th. Listen… I spent all of my savings on my security deposit, first and second months rent. So when I tell y’all that I literally had $250 in my bank account. IT was real.

I had another 3 interviews scheduled on my move-in date.

God is so good y’all.

I drove to NYC at about 5:30 in the morning. Car packed with all of my luggage. I parked at my apartment. Didn’t even get to go inside. Walked to the train and traveled to Manhattan to knock out all 3 of my interviews (11am, 12:30pm, 2pm)

After leaving the first interview at Combs Enterprises around 11:50a, the recruiter told me to send her the application with a list of my references.

Let me tell y’all how I walked right out of there, walked to a nearby coffee shop, sat down (outside… in November… in NYC… COLD, yep) and used my phone to fill out the application so fast. I sent it before noon and was off to my next interview.

Two days later, the lady from Combs emails me saying she’s waiting for my references to reply and I should hear from her by the end of the day on Monday.

Monday rolls around. Nothing.

Tuesday, she called me saying she still didn’t hear from my references (suckas) but she’s going to offer me the position anyway. I would start the following Monday.

Note: this is still a position that I never even applied for. At a company that I could only dream of working at.

Three days after my JUMP. I landed.

This “Administrative” position” that I thought I was signing up for is nothing of that nature. Whew, Thank God because just sitting behind a desk wasn’t going to work for me.

I’m on the Marketing/ Events team at Combs Enterprises. So literally any project that the VP of Marketing is working on, I assist in anyway that I can. Learning about branding, marketing, concept creation, etc. AND on top of that I get my own radio show too?

I understand that in this field you have to start somewhere. BUT HERE? Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would start HERE.


Fast forward to today.

December 31st.

I’m writing this in my room. On my bed. In my Brooklyn apartment that I love soooooooooo much.
It was all a thought. That “YES” from June 2016.
I have so much more to manifest, and there is so much more to come.


2016 was just the foundation… It was the year that changed my life.

Today, I am in a new reality.
MY NEW REALITY. And it feels so good. GOD IS so good.

The best is yet to come.

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