Happy Snow Day & Happy Day Six!


So for the most part, everyone on the east coast is stuck inside. 20-30 inches by the end of the night?? Yea… this weekend is a fail.

But, fitness friends… we must remember that no snowstorm formed against us shall prosper!!!!! WE HAVE TO REMEMBER OUR GOALS!

Oh how tempting it is to “Netflix and chill” with a box of pizza and a liter of soda. Ohhhh how tempting it is to enjoy some dessert on this cold winter day. OH HOW TEMPTING!


WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS SNOWSTORM TO TURN OUR FITNESS CHALLENGE INTO A FAIL!!!! Every day counts in this journey, and simply put, it’s just not worth it.

So friends, what do we do?

STAY ACTIVE – today is a great day to rearrange your room, or organize your closet, deep conditioner your hair, start a book, grab some paint, paper and create art! Today is a great day to do something you normally wouldn’t have time for.

IF YOU MUST NETFLIX AND CHILL – it’s okay, that’s fine… enjoy your snow day. BUT when it’s time to go grab a snack, REMEMBER YOUR GOALS, REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED, AND REMEMBER IT’S NOT WORTH IT!

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