Gym membership, check!

Today, I joined the gym.

I know y’all are probably saying whaa? huh? LOL
YEP, you read right. THE GYM.

I just moved to the third floor of a small apartment. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love and adore my place, but as far as the “home workouts” go… nah, that ended quick.
So, yes, a gym membership was much needed.

As I’ve been transitioning into my own place, the whole “#fitvibes” thing didn’t totally go out the window, but for the most part *whispers* it kinda went out the window.

I’ve been tryingggggg y’all I swear. But y’all know I’m always preaching “RESTART BUTTONS ARE GOOD.” SO YES, It is O K A Y.

The best part of a fitness lifestyle is, its a lifestyle. It’s not just fit for the moment, then your diet goes out the window for the rest of your life. It’s okay if you slip, it’s okay if you mess up. THE KEY is to GET BACK AT IT. And thats what I’m planning to do.

Today, Planet Fitness is having a $1 down sale, with $10/month payments, and luckily there happens to be a Planet Fitness only one mile away from me.

So, I did it! I made a list of goals for the month of December and it felt really good to cross that off my list.

Now, the hardest part is committing to go. *rolls eyes*
I’ll keep y’all updated on that, ha.

Have you set any end of 2016 goals?

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