Have you ever created a list of goals for yourself, and maybe gave yourself a deadline as to when you would like to see things HAPPEN?

Check this out…. I created a FIVE YEAR CAREER PLAN, when I was creating my website at the end of January 2016, you can see it here.
It was just of some goals I had for myself (some short term, and some long term) but nevertheless, I’M PLANNING FOR THEM ALL TO BE ACCOMPLISHED BEFORE 2021.

Never in my dreams, would I have expected to start crossing off goals on my list THREE MONTHS later.

ONE GOAL THAT I HAD FOR MYSELF, was to write for the fitness section of a magazine. CHECK.
On April 7, 2016, guess who became a Contributing writer for the magazine, BLACK FITNESS TODAY? MEEEEE! :)
You can check out my first article here.

ANOTHER GOAL THAT I HAD FOR MYSELF, was to become a brand ambassador.
You know how you have goals in your mind, that even YOU didn’t necessarily believe you could do… BUT IT WAS SOMETHING YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO!?

I became a brand ambassador for “Shop Myuz” an online boutique that sells some really bomb items.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be on someones website, modeling their clothes… but look at me now.



Friday, April 8th, 2016, I turned 23 years old. 23 will be a big year for me, I already know. Journey with me as I make alllllll my dreams come true✨✨ thanking God for great friends and great support… #MOGULintheMAKING

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