Black Girl Hustle – day three

DAY THREE’s challenge was to identify what your brand celebrates:

This was soooo hard for me at first, because I simply didn’t know how to answer this… This challenge allowed me to realize soooo much about my brand and allowed me to learn sooo much about what I wanted to accomplish.

A short answer would be “the journey” my brand celebrates MY journey, and celebrates anyone else who is on their own journey towards their dream. One of my favorite quotes is “don’t focus on the goal, focus on the journey” by doing that you’ll reach your goal faster and learn to love every step it took to get there.

ME – I AM MY OWN BRAND. I celebrate myself and I celebrate THIS journey that I’m on towards my dreams.

FIT VIBES – I celebrate every day of this fit journey… Every day is a step closer to my goal, and you have to love that! I celebrate anyone whose on this fit journey with me, because believe me, I KNOW how hard it is. So by showing my journey I hope to inspire others! I did NOT wake up like this, and I want to be that motivation to others that no matter what level of “being fit” you are, you can ALWAYS get better!

MUSIC – I love celebrating artists who are on their journey towards their dreams as well.

So whatever else I decide to later contribute to my brand will be about this…
the journey matters ❤


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