Black Girl Hustle – day four

DAY FOUR’s challenge was to explain what drives your ‪#‎BlackGirlHustle‬?

Simply, I will not lose✨

My #BlackGirlHustle goes so damn hard and it’s alllllllllll for me!!!! I have to win simply because they said I wouldn’t. For everybody who told me my dreams were too big, or my goals were ridiculous.

Congratulations, you played yourself.

That feeling after you complete one goal, drives me. My imagination drives me✨ I DRIVE ME.

LISTEN: Donald Lawrence x Encourage yourself ??

I just wanna say these last four days have been so empowering and extremely productive for me and my brand. I’m currently on spring break and wouldn’t have imagined spending it any other way. I took so much time to focus on myself, to create, to expand and to revamp. I’m just so damn proud of my black girl hustle. Baby, I’m thankful❤

✨Now watch me glo’ ???


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