Applying Pressure During the WAIT.


What do you do during a transition? During the ride. During the wait. How do you truly ENJOY the journey when you’re constantly UNCOMFORTABLE and CHANGING and TRANSITIONING.

We talk about enjoying the ride… I mean on one hand you’re certain of your destination. You KNOW where you’re going. The goal in your head is clear as day. But on the other hand there’s anxiety, there’s doubt, you’re frustrated, you’re exhausted. Patience no longer lives inside of you anymore. There’s not much else you can do.

How do you continue to enjoy and trust such an unknown journey?

Even as I’m writing this I’m saying to myself, “you hold on to the vision, you keep the faith, you trust the journey.”

But let’s be real. It’s hard… Hard AF.

So during the holiday season, UPS is always playing GAMES, okay! Especially right after Black Friday/ Cyber Monday. Packages are delayed AF, tracking updates are inaccurate and everyone is PISSED. It’s a regular thing. *rolls eyes*

So after just moving last week I’ve been ordering furniture and other things to you know make my room/apartment as cozy as I can.

I ordered a closet system because my room doesn’t have a closet… LOL (that’s BK Apartments for you) it’s a dope place and a good sized room, so to me it wasn’t a big deal that my room lacked a closet. I love DIY projects anyway.

So yea. The closet system I ordered was suppose to be here the day I moved in (last Thursday) and of course, it wasn’t. At first I didn’t realize how important this would be, but after moving in, that was the ONLY thing stopping me from fully unpacking. How can I unpack when I have nowhere to place my items.

Ah, sidebar, clutter and disorganization gives me anxiety.

So yea UPS kept sending tracking updates saying “Out For Delivery.”
Saturday, out for delivery, but not delivered.
Monday, out for delivery, but not delivered.
Tuesday, out for delivery, but not delivered.

At this point I’m not feeling like myself, I’m not able to unpack, I can’t find anything. I had to postpone a photoshoot I had planned because I was so unprepared and disorganized. It was real bad y’all.

I’m calling Wayfair and UPS and no one knows anything more than “it’s out for delivery”


So Wednesday, out for delivery.
I’m actually home this day when the UPS truck comes. So I go downstairs and run up on them!!! Lol. WHERE IS MY PACKAGE SIS!!??

A P P L Y. P R E S S U R E.
You want something? Make them give it to you.

So I watch them unload the truck. They even transferred packages to a different truck so they can find my item. I’m standing there…in the cold… monitoring them lol for over an hour!!

Then… Nothing. It’s not on the truck.

So that night I knew what I had to do.
I had to go buy one in the store so I can unpack and release all of this anxiety and have my life back.

Thursday morning, I found a double garment rack at Target and boom. I was able to unpack.

A P P L Y. P R E S S U R E.

Getting to the root of what will make me happy, what will make me sane during this time? What do I need to do!?

Thursday afternoon, I got a notification that my package was delivered.

Sometimes you have to say, okay it’s not going to work out how I planned, so let me go to plan B to try and resolve the situation.

Say you’re waiting for the job of your dreams. During that time of waiting you may need to go to a plan B and work somewhere to make ends meet until your plan A comes through. It’s not saying you don’t believe your plan A will work, it’s applying pressure. You’re making it happen either way!!

A lot of times that helps us during the wait, during the ride.

Apply pressure.
Stay busy.
Hold the faith.
Patience, baby, patience.
Everything is already written.
Inhale, exhale.
You’re okay.


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