5-Day “Get Right” Detox Diet

After feeling bloated and groggy, or even after cheating all weekend, you MUST revamp! It’s necessary!

But how?

This 5-day Detox Diet will definitely GET YOU RIGHT. 

You may have read my review about the Master Cleanse Diet. Well, no need to worry, this diet isn’t as intense.

I did explore some of the benefits of the Lemonade drink and decided to tweak the recipe a little.

For this detox diet, you’ll need to drink a gallon of water, mixed with 4 squeezed lemons and 2-3 pinches of cayenne pepper.

Gallon of Lemon Cayenne Detox Water
1 gallon of water
4 lemons
2 pinches of cayenne pepper

I recommend buying a gallon of purified water, and in the morning, pour out a liter of water from the gallon (4 cups) and drink that before starting your day.

**going a step further, add 2 teaspoons of sea salt to the liter of water** (optional)

Now you’ll have room in your gallon container to add 4 squeezed lemons and 2-3 pinches of cayenne pepper. You can then place the lid back on the container, shake it up, and you’re set for the rest of the day. Hopefully that was clear lol

Now… If you want to do the “beginner version” of this diet, you can do the opposite. So instead of drinking a liter of purified water in the morning and the lemon cayenne detox drink throughout the day, you can drink a liter of the lemon-cayenne detox water in the morning and continue to just drink the rest of your purified water throughout the day.

One serving of Lemon Cayenne Detox Water:
1 liter of water
1 lemon
1/2 pinch of cayenne pepper
You may also add a teaspoon of honey.

But I recommend challenging yourself :)

According to the AlternativeDaily, lemon has appetite-suppressing properties, which may also reduce sugar cravings during the day. Cayenne boosts the metabolism, which burns fat while also suppressing the appetite. The combination is the ultimate painless weight-loss aid that encourages your body to stay at a healthy weight and discourages overeating. Awesome sauce right?

Okay I know you’re asking yourself if that’s all you can eat… Haha, nope you ARE allowed to eat with this diet.

In addition to the lemon-cayenne detox water, you can have a very low carb, high protein diet.

Meal Plan:
Breakfast and Lunch – protein and veggies

Dinner – protein, veggies and complex carbs (sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice)

Snacks- fruits(grapefruit, berries, apples), nuts(almonds,walnuts)

Drink- detox tea/probiotic tea/green tea at night + lemon cayenne detox water throughout the day

My sample meal plan for this week:
-2 eggs and spinach with grapefruit
-Tuna, avocado and veggies
-Lean protein(fish or chicken), quinoa and sautéed cabbage

Yes! I will be working out, and you CAN have your favorite post-workout protein meal after a workout this week as well (protein bar, protein shake, etc.)

Sounds easy enough, right? For the next FIVE days, lets challenge ourselves!!! Let’s work for it! By Saturday, you’ll see a cleaner and better you!

Let me know if you have any questions about the diet!!! Good luck!

Xoxo, Ryen

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