4-Week Fit Vibes Fitness Challenge

Happy 4th! So you guys know I can’t go too long without anther fitness challenge. I just completed my Round 5 last week and it’s that time again! Instead of going to Round 6, I decided, why not do something where other people can participate? 

So, here we are: 4-Week Fit Vibes Challenge!

It’s officially the second half of 2016, aka the BEST restart button EVER. For July I’ve started a social media fitness challenge for this month that will give you the opportunity to put some #respeck on those 2016 body goals and end this year off fit vibin’ ☺️?? 

So of course I’m here to help as your virtual trainer??! 

Every Friday at 9am, for the next 4 weeks I’ll be including a set of weekly circuits. For each week, you’re allowed 2 rest days, so chose wisely ? In addition to these circuits, you must spend an additional 30 minutes, walking or running (via treadmill, track, neighborhood, etc.) Easy right? 

It’s time to get those abs, and that booty, that you deserve! See you at 9am! ? 

Here’s the circuit for this week: 

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